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7 Survival Tips For Dining Out With Kids

Let’s eat out today! Sounds so appealing (you naively think to yourself). You won’t have to worry about the dishes, the mess or the cooking. But wait, you’ve got one or more small children and the last time you attempted the courageous feat of taking them out to a...

Food Photography Etiquette: 5 Step Checklist

Take a quick browse through your news feed.  I'll bet within the first minute you would have already run into several photos and videos of food.  More and more people are sharing photos, not only of their fancy gourmet meals on a special night out, but home cooked...

The verdict on waiter recommendations

In our first post, I talked about how huge of a week we had since we were covered on CBC.  Well this past week was doubly special, because we got our first international coverage, but also because it was my birthday on Sunday, and what could be more important than...

On childhood friendships, workations, and how it all started

What a week!!! We launched HelpMeOrder on August 3 to little fanfare. Over the next 7 to 10 days, we began to slowly tell close friends and family members the big news, but even still, it didn’t feel like anything had changed. After all, most of our friends and family...

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