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Q: What is HelpMeOrder?

HelpMeOrder is a web and mobile app which will transform the way you order food at restaurants by providing plate specific ratings and a visual menu. HelpMeOrder is simple, it allows users to vote for their favorite plates at every restaurant and allows you to order the best food based on those votes. It also allows you to discover new dishes and impress your friends with your hidden gem score.

Q: How is HelpMeOrder different from other restaurant review apps?

Quite simply because it’s not a restaurant review app. HelpMeOrder doesn’t provide restaurant ratings or reviews. We only provide ratings on menu items to allow you to choose the best meal every time. Here at HelpMeOrder, we believe what’s on the inside is the most important, and by that we mean inside your belly.

Q: Why can’t I vote for more than one plate at the same restaurant?

For the same reason you can’t have two favorite ice cream flavors . This is something new we’re trying out that we think has the potential to spread to other applications as well. Our favorite things mean a lot more to us than things we simply “like” or “+1” which are the norm nowadays. We think that it adds a lot more weight to your vote if you can only vote for one absolute favorite thing, so choose wisely. With great power comes great responsibility.

Q: How come you don’t have a five star system for rating plates?

Because they’re lame. What does a three star rating actually mean?

Q: Do I need to sign up before using HelpMeOrder?

Not really, you can use HelpMeOrder all you want without signing up for an account, but you will need one for things like voting, sharing, adding pictures, etc. What’s the point of having the best taste around if you can’t share it with others? You can sign up with one click using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ credentials. Of course, you’re welcome to sign up the old fashion way using your email as well.

Q: If I login with Facebook/Twitter, are you going to hack my account and post all sorts of spam on my behalf?

No way. Signing up with your social media account is actually the way that we recommend for all new users because it lets you see all the delicious goodness that your friends are voting for. The only time that something gets posted to your feed is if you intentionally decide to tell your friends about how great your meal was by clicking the share button. Then your friends will be like “Wow you really have the best taste around” and you will be like “Yeah, I know”. Go you!

Q: What if I see content that is mislabeled, duplicated, or offensive on HelpMeOrder?

While we try our best to make sure content posted to HelpMeOrder is accurate, there’s no way to guarantee that. If you happen to come across such content please click on the “send feedback” button in the settings menu and let us know about it. Alternatively, you can always email us at [email protected] and mention the restaurant and plate of concern.

Q: Do I have to enable my location services in order to use HelpMeOrder?

No. If you don’t want to enable your location services, you can always enter your location manually and we’ll use it until you close the app.

Q: Can I look up the best meals in other cities, or even countries?

Of course. Just go to “Change location” from the main menu. We’ll temporarily show you the exact same experience you would get as if you were there. A whole culinary adventure right in the palm of your hand. Move over Aladdin, HelpMeOrder can show you the world, and the best plates there too!

Q: It seems like there aren’t enough plate ratings in my area. Is HelpMeOrder still useful to me?

We sure hope so. You’ll still find pictures of popular menu items at famous restaurant chains nearby. We hope this will help you decide until the HelpMeOrder fever reaches your area. Symptoms include a calm, relaxed feeling when ordering and a feeling of pure satisfaction when your meal is over. The only fever you want to catch.

Q. What are my favourites?

In the latest update when you open the app you’ll see three icons on the bottom of your screen. The first one is favourites which means the dishes you have named your favourite at one point in time. Helpful for keeping track of the dishes you know you like.

Q. What are my discovered gems?

In the latest update when you open the app you’ll see three icons on the bottom of your screen. The second is a counter which keeps track of the dishes you listed as your favourite first, these are your “hidden gems”. It’s like a really delicious treasure hunt.

Q. What does “Gotta Try” mean?

In the latest update we added a feature called “Gotta Try” into our new social feed. This allows you to not only like and comment on friends posts but also to file them away as something you just gotta try. By clicking “gotta try” you immediately add that dish to your list of dishes you need to have ASAP. This list can be accessed from the bottom toolbar by clicking on the Gotta Try counter which also keeps track of how many dishes you still need to taste.


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